Saturday, November 13, 2010

Day 12 - Long Day

It's always a challenge to follow a meal plan if you're away from your refrigerator filled with your planned foods. But today I planned well.

For breakfast I had a fat-free yogurt, a banana and a piece of bread knowing full well that somehow there would be fat in my late afternoon meal.  I went to the Edison Cafe as I often do on long days, and ordered fresh sliced turkey breast on rye with mustard.  My waitress messed up my order and brought mayonnaise on the side instead. I went with it. The turkey breast was so dry anyway, it needed the mayo. At first I was sparing with the mayonnaise but after a while, I just decided to eat all of it.

I crossed off the five fats on my list of allowable foods. And I won't eat anything else with fat in it for the rest of the day. That's fine because I have my entire vegetable allowance plus half my starch allowance left for the day. And I'll be able to fill my belly with that much food left.  I can still also eat another yogurt and another piece of fruit, so I'm golden.

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