Thursday, November 4, 2010

Day 3

I stepped on the scale this morning and I have already lost some weight. Or - my scale is not working properly. Or - the nutritionist's scale was not working properly when I weighed in on Monday.

Eating went very well yesterday. My ginger turkey patties were delicious. The vegetable soup was great. I did something new by adding three cloves of raw garlic to the finished soup which gave it a flavor kick that was missing from my recipe.

For today's main meal, I'm defrosting chicken thighs. I haven't decided yet how to cook them. I'll either broil them or boil them. Broiling offers more flavor while boiling provides me with chicken stock I can use for another time. I have arugula from my garden and it's still growing in spite of the cooler weather. It's actually growing better than it did over the summer. I'll probably mix that into a salad.

So far today I've had a fat free yogurt and an apple. I'm still deciding what to do for my starches today. I'll probaby eat some of my left over brown rice and some whole wheat pita.

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