Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Day challenge

For anybody trying to lose weight, there are enormous challenges when celebrating holidays. Thanksgiving is my biggest challenge. My brother and sister-in-law hosted a nice Thanksgiving dinner. And they were very smart in how they presented the food. There were several courses that could be eaten and counted against a meal plan.

The menu included soup, mashed potatoes, turkey, brussel sprouts and cole slaw. It was a vegetable soup with no pasta or potatos. I ate mostly white meat, a few brussel sprouts, a drop of cole slaw, and a small serving of mashed potatoes. But the absolute most considerate dishes were the appetizers. My sister-in-law put out a tray of raw vegetables and low-cal crunchy things with hummus. 

I was able to fill up on healthy, crunchy, raw vegetables.

Everything was easily counted against my diet and I was able to stick to my plan without feeling deprived.

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